Forklift truck models

Used tow tractors

The basic functionality of used tow tractors is different from that of used forklifts. You can see them as a type of towing vehicle, as they often pull whole groups of trailers behind them, but they have no forks, like those of 3-wheel counterbalanced forklifts or 4-wheel counterbalanced forklifts. There are various sizes of tow tractors and various drive systems. The smaller electric tow tractors pull, for example, rolling containers in the production area, whereas large diesel tow tractors could be shunting, for example, whole semi-trailers around in your depot. At the airport smaller tow tractors are used, for example, to move luggage containers, while large tow tractors tow airplanes to their parking positions.

Some used tow tractors are available as so-called hybrids. Here a combination of electric and combustion engine is used as the power unit. The main advantage of this type is that the machine can be used flexibly indoors and outdoors, so loads in the production plant as well as in the open air can be moved.

At you‘ll find a variety of used tow tractors from manufacturers such as Jungheinrich, Linde, Toyota, STILL, Atlet, Clark and others.

Jungheinrich EZS
Linde P60