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Forklift accessories for used forklifts - find everything you need for your forklift

Used forklift attachments, masts, batteries and chargers are often in very good condition. Therefore, it is worthwhile to check out a few used offers before deciding to buy new forklift accessories.

The range of services offered by many forklift dealers also includes cleaning equipment and work platforms . Most of these vehicles are needed at the same location as forklifts and can also be used as well as used for the required time at the forklift dealer of choice.

Which forklift attachment do you need?

There are suitable attachments for every forklift application area, which are optimally designed for transport conditions, storage and removal processes of different product groups. Here we explain some of the most important forklift components.

Push Pull

Do you have to transport goods from the forklift fork to the front? Then the push pull is the right app for you. The push pull is an attaching device in the form of a plate which is moved hydraulically forward at a right angle to the fork from the driver's seat and thus pushes the transport goods from the fork. As a rule, the load units are usually pushed onto draw pallets with a pusher in a container or trailer.

The bale clamp

Do you have to accept cotton, pulp and old paper bales, boxes or crates? In the case of non-palletized goods, different clip attachments are used, such as the bale clamp .

In combination with a side shifter , the bale clamp allows a millimeter-accurate pick-up and settling of loads.

The bale clamp consists of a clamp body and the clamp arms. The clamp arms can be hydraulically opened and closed from the driver's seat to grip the goods and release them again. Depending on the area of application, the brackets are equipped with metal bars, which press into the material and additionally hold it.

In the case of a sensitive material which is to be clamped, the inner surfaces are coated with ripple plate or rubber. The clamp arms may be rigid or oscillating, smooth or curved. Check valves ensure that the clamp pressure remains constant during transport.

In the case of sensitive transport goods, it is recommended to install a pressure control valve to adjust the maximum clamp pressure.

Want more envelope? Check whether the double pallets fork is suitable for you

A double pallets fork consists of 4 sliding forks and can therefore accommodate 2 pallets - for light goods also 4 pallets. By means of the hydraulic fork adjustment, the distance between the pallets can be moved together. Double pallet forks are usually equipped with a side shifter , so you can compensate for inaccuracies. Double pallet forks increase the handling capacity of forklifts, as several pallets can be transported simultaneously. Depending on the weight and length of the fork, up to 4 pallets can be transported.

The rotator

Horizontal and vertical loading is not enough? You need something to turn around the goods? The rotator can do this in almost any angle of rotation in one-way or two-way rotation.

The angle of rotation can be limited to 45 °, 60 °, 120 °, 180 °, 240 °, 360 ° or any number of degrees, or infinite at 360 °.

The rotator can be equipped with firmly screwed forks or can be combined with clamps for bales, drums and ladles .

Rotators with integrated side shifter can also be found.

The fork extensions

Do you have to transport loads which are significantly longer than the forks of the forklift truck you have in use?

Then you can use a fork extension . This is pushed onto the normal forks of the forklift truck. The fork extension must be supported by at least 60% of the supporting fork.

The fork extensions are locked behind the cradle by means of a welded transverse bolt or plug. At lower load capacities, the fork extensions are usually made from a U-profile, for larger loads a box profile is produced. To protect the transport material, fork extensions are available on the market, which are provided with a vulcanic layer.

The pallet turnover clamp

Do you want to transfer goods, for example from high-quality pallets to cheap pallets? Transferring by hand is very time-consuming. With a pallet turnover clamp , you can move the goods quickly and in the middle of the production process.

Pallet turnover clamps are used in the paper and wood industry, in the chemical industry, and in cement factories. But also in cheese dairies (as a cheese turnover clamp) and in mushroom farms. Especially for bagged goods, these devices are also equipped with a pusher and instead of the second pair of pallets with a support plate. This transports the material to be transported onto the carrier plate and from there either directly onto the truck loading area or onto a transport pallet.

The pallet turning device consists of a lower and an upper fork pair. The fork pairs are hydraulically adjusted. The lower forks are inserted into the loaded pallet, the upper fork pair places the transport pallet on the load.Both fork pairs are then hydraulically collapsed, thus cladding the material to be transported, which is now rotated by 180 °. The transport pallet is now down, the more expensive production pallet above. The charge is being reloaded. The expensive production pallet is taken off and goes back to its own production, the cargo on the cheaper transport pallet to the dispatch.

The fork positioner

Do you have transport goods with different load widths? Here a fork positioner can be used sensibly. In addition to side shifters , tine fork positioners are the most commonly used attachments.

With fork positioners, pallets, long goods and coils can be transported. For the reception of coils the forks are completely closed and the fork is then like a thorn. In contrast to the bracket fork, tine fork positioner s are not suitable for cling. The fork positioners can be combined with side shifters, preferably with integrated side shifters.

You can find further attachments and their fields of application in our forklift encyclopedia:

On Supralift you will find second hand offers for all attachments: shovels, bale clamps, building material clips, double pallet clamps, double shifters, double side shifters, mandrels, mandrel clamps, rotary clamps, rotator, triple clamp, triple side shifter, emptying device, barrel clip clamps, barrel clamps, forks, fork extensions, device clamps, rotators, aso...

All offers on Supralift are from forklift dealers. You do not take any risk with the purchase, the professional dealers advise you before the purchase whether you have selected the suitable attachments for your used forklift.


No matter what type of mast (simple, double, triple, etc.) on Supralift you will find what you are looking for and you can compare the offers of used lift masts comfortably.

The same applies to the used forklift batteries and chargers: all manufacturers are represented, look at the available offers.

All offers on Supralift are from forklift dealers, the offers are from the professional in the reconditioned condition and of high quality. Often they can not be distinguished from new lifting masts or chargers. The dealers will assist you with their services and advice and help you select the right equipment for your used forklift truck.

Also with the batteries it is worthwhile to consult and to check whether a used battery and / or a used battery charger for your area of applicationt.

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USED CLEANING MACHINES - the reliable helpers for commercial and industrial cleaning

Do you have to clean large areas regularly or for a limited time? Your forklift dealer is the right contact.

Many forklift dealers have also used cleaning machines on offer and can advise you for your area of application.

It is worth comparing if the purchase of a new or second-hand device is more appropriate for the application area - or whether you should rent the cleaning equipment.

On Supralift you will find many offers of used cleaning machines of all manufacturers with photos and contact details of the supplier. So you can discuss with him all the details and get expert advice. All suppliers are companies that deal with cleaning machines and can thus provide you with optimal advice. So you have everything from one source.

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Is it again time for inventory work or you have to attach to high-level assemblies, lighting bodies, pipes, valves or similar?

For this repair and maintenance, use one Work platform which is attached to the forks of your forklift truck with lifting mast (forklift truck, storage truck or pedestrian truck)?

In order to raise the employees to the appropriate working position, you do not always have to resort to new work platforms. Have you already talked with your forklift dealer whether he has a used work platform for sale or rent?

For many forklift dealers, second-hand work platforms are an integral part of their range of services and they are happy to advise you.

On Supralift are all offers of used work platforms with pictures and contact details of the supplier. You can find all kinds of work platforms on scissor and self-propelled platforms, crawler platforms, articulated platforms, truck platforms and telescopic mast lifts.

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