Forklift truck models

Order Pickers

Order pickers belong to the group of warehouse equipments, they are powered electrically and normally have a driver seat or driver platform. Depending on the lift-height one distinguishes low level orderpickers, medium level order pickers and high level order pickers. Low level pickers lift up to 2m, medium level pickers up to 6m and high level pickers can lift up to 14m lift-height.

The characteristic feature of order pickers is, that the goods and the driver are raised to the working height together. So, the driver can coordinate the loading process directly on the shelf. Some Pickers are equipped with moveable forks, like a reach truck. The possibility to lift the driver with the goods is the specific difference between order pickers and pallet trucks or pallet stackers.

On Supralift you find a large selection of all types of used order pickers:

Linde V
Linde K
Hyster K
Crown GPC
Linde V10
Linde N20
Crown SP