Forklift truck models

Used low-lift trucks and pallet jacks

A pallet truck (also called pallet jack, jigger, pallet pump, pump truck or simply dog is a basic warehouse tool used to lift and move pallets. In contrast to pallet stackers, used low-lift trucks lift their wares simply off the floor – therefore only as far as the wheels of the truck can freely roll. Therefore the movement of goods with low-lift trucks is known as horizontal transport.

Most used pallet jacks have two prongs to hold pallets. Pallet transport is the predominant application for used low-lift trucks, as it is for hand pallet trucks, although low-lift trucks can also be equipped with electric power systems. These are essential in the large and heavy models, which can move loads of up to 3 tons.

If the loads must be lifted rather high – e.g. to load a truck or fill a rack, then low-lift trucks are not suitable – in these cases pallet stackers, 3-wheel counterbalanced forklifts or 4-wheel counterbalanced forklifts are the right choice.

Used electric pallet jacks are also sold or rented with rider platforms, rider seats and also with cabs.

On you’ll find a variety of used low-lift trucks and used order pickers from manufacturers like Jungheinrich, Linde, Toyota, STILL, Atlet, Clark and others.