Forklift truck models

Used reach trucks

Used reach trucks are special forklifts which are mostly used in large warehouses. They can carry particularly long and bulky loads. This is above all due to their design – mast and forks can be extended from the chassis to pick up the goods and then bring them back in the direction of the centre of the vehicle.

In this way, used reach trucks can manage with relatively low counterweight to lift the goods very high, even over 10 m.

There are electric used reach trucks but you will also find them under diesel forklifts.

As reach trucks often transport long items and must turn around in narrow aisles, the forklift truck driver usually sits perpendicular to the driving direction.

On you’ll find a variety of used reach trucks from such manufacturers as Jungheinrich, Linde, Toyota, STILL, Atlet, Clark and others.

Jungheinrich ETV
Linde R16
Linde R14
Crown ESR
Linde R20
Linde R10
Linde R12
Linde R17