Forklift truck models

Used pallet stackers

Pallet stackers are almost always used in indoor areas. There are many different types: with manually operable hydraulic cylinder and electric versions. The power unit, the lifting mechanism or both can be motorised.

A basic function is common to all pallet stacker types: the load’s centre of gravity lies directly over the wheels. In contrast to the counterbalanced forklift trucks, pallet stackers get by just fine without a counterweight.

As used pallet stackers are mostly used in buildings with good floor surfaces, they have relatively small wheels and full-cushion tyres.

Normally the operator stands next to the truck. There are also types of strong>pallet stackers with a rider platform or rider seat. With these models, longer routes or lengthy working periods can be mastered without much strain.

Depending on type, used pallet stackers can lift goods up to a height of 8 meters. This sets pallet stackers apart from low-lift trucks and hand pallet trucks, which can simply lift the goods from the floor to the transport level.

At you’ll find a variety of used pallet stackers from manufacturers like Jungheinrich, Linde, Toyota, STILL, Atlet, Clark and others.

Jungheinrich EJC
Linde L14
Linde L12
Linde L10
Crown DT
Jungheinrich EMC
Linde L16
Jungheinrich EJD