Forklift truck models

Used 4-wheel counterbalanced forklifts

Depending on the size of the goods to be transported used 4-wheel counterbalanced forklifts can be more suitable than 3-wheel forklifts.

Weight is better distributed over four wheels and two axles than with three-wheel counterbalanced forklifts - leading to greater stability of the four-wheel frontloaders. Heavy duty forklifts, like diesel lift trucks and rough terrain trucks as a basic principle have four wheels and can, according to field of application, also be sold as four-wheel-drive forklifts. The rear axle is mostly an oscillating rigid axle.

For outdoor operations, lift trucks have pneumatic tyres. There are also 4-wheel counterbalanced forklifts with full-cushion tyres. These are naturally rather more robust and long-lasting, so they are particularly suitable for concrete and other hard surfaces. Four-wheel counterbalanced forklifts are available as diesel lift trucks, gas lift trucks, and electric lift trucks.

On Supralift you’ll find offers for used 4-wheel counterbalanced forklifts from brands like Jungheinrich, Linde, Toyota, STILL, Hyster, Clark and many more.

Hyster H
Linde H25
Linde H20
Nissan H1
Linde H30
Doosan D
Nissan DF
Jungheinrich EFG
Nissan F
Jungheinrich DFG
Linde H16
Clark C
Linde H35
Nissan FG
Hyster S