Forklift truck models

Used Diesel Forklift Trucks

Used diesel lift trucks are very often used in Europe. In diesel forklifts very strong engines can be installed, which means there are diesel forklifts of up to 90 tons rated capacity on the market. This feature makes diesel forklifts real workhorses, above all in the container-handling business.

Diesel engines are very robust and durable, so they are very suitable for reselling.

For interiors, the use of used diesel lift trucks is limited, even with their low emissions and low noise levels from the modern power units. For these areas, used gas lift trucks and used electric lift trucks are more suitable.

Diesel engines are mostly cooled by water or air. Both industrial engines and specially throttled HGV and passenger car engines are employed. Also available are used diesel lift trucks with diesel-electric drive, where a diesel engine drives a generator, which produces energy for driving and lifting.

Diesel lift trucks are mostly 4-wheel frontloaders with load-side driven wheels, while particularly strong models are mostly equipped with twin tyres on the drive axle.

The driving speeds of used diesel lift trucks are very varied- top speeds of 50 km/h can definitely be reached, so that some of these vehicles could even drive on the roads. To be street-legal, however, special wheels and lights should be built in.

At Supralift you’ll find offers for used diesel lift trucks from brands such as Jungheinrich, Linde, Toyota, STILL, Hyster, Clark and many others.