Forklift truck models

Used Narrow Aisle Turret Trucks

Turret trucks are made for the use in large warehouses. To achieve maximum storage capacity, the shelves are very high and the aisles very narrow. For this reason turret trucks are also called narrow aisle forklift trucks.

Turret trucks can lift up to 17m. Because of the narrow design, turret trucks are very manoeuvrable and can rank in aisles that are just as broad as itself. Because of the turning cicle, conventional pallet stackers need much more space to load goods on shelves. Narrow aisle forkilft trucks are equipped with a pivotable fork, which can be used both - frontal and perpendicular to the vehicle. Thus the turret truck fork can load the goods into the shelves without any movement of the truck.

There are 2 types of narrow aisle turret trucks - man-down and man-up trucks. A man-up turret truck (combination truck) lifts the driver and the load up to the shelf. A man-down turret truck only lifts the load up to the shelf, the driver stays on the ground.

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