Forklift truck models

Used gas lift trucks

The combustion engine of a gas-powered forklift is operated by liquefied gas. An important feature of used gas lift trucks is the particularly low level of noise and emissions. Gas forklift trucks are also suitable for use in indoor areas.

A gas cylinder attached to the lift truck provides the engine with gas fuel. These gas cylinders can be easily replaced, which is a strong advantage, because a gas-powered forklift is quicker than an electric lift truck and ready for use at virtually any time. This is important for shift-based operations.

Gas lift trucks are economical to use and the power density of a full gas tank is higher than that of a fully-charged battery, so used gas lift trucks can be used longer than electric forklifts. The supply of gas cylinders is usually arranged by contract with specialised companies.

There are used gas lift trucks in various chassis models. These can be very compact, resulting in a very small turning circle – that is a considerable advantage in aisles or in a narrow space. There are models with open or closed cabins that enable you to adjust to the weather conditions at the place of operations.

On you’ll find used gas lift trucks from brands like Jungheinrich, Linde, Toyota, STILL, Hyster, Clark and many others.