Forklift truck models

Used Reach-Stackers

Reach-Stackers are heavy duty forklifts. Like used container handlers, they are used to load and carry containers. The high capacity about 50t is possible because of a high own weight about 100t. Reach-Stackers belong to the group of counterbalanced forklift trucks. Sometimes Reach-Stackers are declared as 4-wheel forklifts, what is not wrong, but does not hit the specific application area of these vehicles. Reach-Stackers are equipped with a telescopic arm, thus they sometimes are declared as telescopic arm forklifts.

Used reach-stackers are mostly used to handle containers in habors. The telescopic arm reaches up to the third row (6-fold). A large variety of attachments make reach-stackers usable in a wide range of application areas, for example as a crane.

On Supralift you find a large selection of Reach-Stackers:

Kalmar DRF
Linde C4531