Forklift truck models

Used electric lift trucks

Used electric lift trucks mainly come into play in indoor areas. As they are emission-free, electric forklifts can be used without restrictions in storage depots and enclosed environments. Moreover three-wheeled models of used electric lift trucks are very agile, which is an advantage when navigating narrow aisles and warehouses.

Although electric lift trucks now provide very good performance, gas lift trucks or diesel lift trucks are often the better choice when maximum performance and a high payload are key factors.

An advantage of used electric lift trucks is the continuous controllability. The design renders classic gear changing unnecessary. Electric engines also provide very high torque even at low speeds.

Since electric lift trucks with replaceable batteries have been on the market, previous disadvantages no longer exist. Modern electric lift trucks are as suitable for continuous shift operations as forklifts with combustion engines.

Today some used electric lift trucks have a braking energy recovery system, which significantly reduces energy use. Electric lift trucks additionally require less maintenance and are less subject to repairs than vehicles with combustion engines.

At Supralift you’ll find electric lift trucks offers from brands like Jungheinrich, Linde, Toyota, STILL, Yale, Clark and many others.