Forklift truck models

Used Sideloaders, Used Four-Way-Sideloaders

Sideloaders and 4-way sideloaders are used to load and carry long, bulky goods. In the timber, steel or plastics industry sideloaders are used to load and carry long pipes, plaks or slats. Specific for sideloaders is the lateral fork in the mid of a platform. The platform stabilizes the long goods, so that they do not fall from the fork while driving. Because of the lateral fork, sideloaders are ideal for the use in narrow aisles.

Four-way-sideloaders are also equipped with a plattform and a lateral fork. There are also 4-way reach-trucks available. 4-way-trucks are even more maneuverable than sideloaders because the wheels can be rotated by 90 degrees. 4-way sideloaders can move in all directions and rotate on the spot.

Sideloaders as well as 4-way-sideloaders are available as diesel, gas, or electric vehicles. They lift good up to 8m with about 6000kg.

On Supralift you find a large selection of Sideloaders and 4-way sideloaders

Combilift C
Baumann GS
Baumann HX
Linde S40
Kalmar DFQ
Baumann GX
Jumbo JDQ
Linde S50
Baumann EVS
Jumbo JDQN
Baumann AS
Linde S30
Baumann CS
Kalmar DAS