Forklift truck models

Used hand pallet trucks

Used hand pallet trucks are part of the basic equipment of companies operating in all areas of logistics and commerce. In contrast to, for example, three-wheel counterbalanced forklifts or four-wheel counterbalanced forklifts, the goods are lifted only a few centimetres in order to then become transportable. Loads of up to 2,000 kg can be moved in this manner. Some hand pallet trucks have a quick-lift function, with which light loads can be lifted particularly efficiently up to transport level.

Used hand pallet trucks usually transport palletized goods on the fork arms of the truck. Hand pallet trucks require relatively little maintenance, as their construction is very robust and they rarely contain any complicated parts.

For food processing companies there are special requirements for forklifts and pallet trucks. Special used stainless steel hand pallet trucks and others with easily-cleaned surfaces comply with these rules.

Some hand pallet truck models have an integrated scale, that can also include a tare feature. This allows tasks such as incoming goods inspections to be completed faster and more efficiently.

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