Registration as forklift truck dealer

Thank you very much for your interest in Supralift.
There are two areas on the Supralift marketplace. The end-user area, which is public and open to every web user, as well as the restricted, dealer area, which is only available for dealers and manufacturers from the lift truck sector. To prevent unauthorised people from accessing the dealer area, this area is password-protected and registration for access is necessary.

Follow the following steps to register:

Fill in the registration form and send it off. You will then receive a confirmation email. After checking your registration, we will activate your access data. You will then be informed by email that your access to the Supralift dealer area has been activated.
The Supralift team looks forward to working with you.
Any questions? You can reach us on tel.:



Please select a fixed user name and a password with which you wish to logon in the future

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