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Container handlers belong to the category of heavy duty forklift trucks because they can lift very heavy loads. They also belong to the category counterbalanced forklifts and even the classification as 4-wheel forklift trucks is common. They are designed for the handling of containers and therefore called container handlers or container stackers. One distinguishes used container handlers for empty containers, with a capacity of 10t from full container handlers with a capacity up to 40t. mais  

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The application area for container stackers are transportation hubs like harbours or freight stations, where they are used to load and unload cargo ships, freight trains and trucks.

In addition to container trucks there are also used reach-stackers in use to handle containers. Because of their construction (telescopic arm), reach-stackers can lift higher than container handlers. Reack Stackers lift containers up to the third row- Container handlers only lift up to the first row.

Empty container handlers are available with double lift frame to carry 2 empty containers at the same time.

The own weight of container stackers is about 70t and they are usually fueled by diesel. There are some models with electric drive available as well.