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In the Supralift Market Place list, all of the available Used forklift trucks with the truck type Low level order picker (< 2.5 m) and the engine type Gas will be displayed. The forklift truck offers are arranged by price so you can quickly find the used Low level order picker (< 2.5 m), Gas forklift for your budget.

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Type of truck: Low level order picker (< 2.5 m), Pedestrian pallet truck, Pallet truck with rider platform, Pallet truck with rider seated, High level order picker (> 6 m), Medium level order picker (2.5 - 6 m), Pedestrian pallet stacker, Pallet stacker with rider platform, Pallet stacker with rider seated, Rough terrain truck, Telescopic arm forklift, Sideloader, Lorry-mounted forklift, Four-way truck, Reach truck, Man-down turret truck, Man-up combination truck, Tow tractor, Flatbed platform tow tractor, Reach stacker, 3 wheel forklift truck, 4 wheel forklift truck, Hand pallet truck (manual), Pallet truck (semi-electric), Pallet stacker (manual/electric lift), Container handler, Other
Power unit: Gas
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