Forklift truck models

Used 3-wheel counterbalanced forklifts

Used three-wheel counterbalanced forklifts will be used particularly where maneuverability of a forklift truck is important. As three-wheel counterbalanced forklifts have rear-wheel steering, at full steering lock they can turn on the spot.

3-wheel counterbalanced forklifts do not provide quite as much stability as forklift trucks with the customary rear suspension. However, for the main sites where used three-wheel counterbalanced forklifts are mainly operated, in indoor areas or storage areas with easily driveable floors, sufficient stability is always guaranteed. In most warehouse and production environments both three-wheel counterbalanced forklifts and four-wheel counterbalanced forklifts are used, according to purpose and stored material.

Most electric forklifts and almost all special equipment, such as lorry-mounted forklifts, high rack stackers and man-down turret trucks are often produced with three wheels. Also most lift trucks have three wheels or a very shortened axle with wheels mounted very closely to each other, in which steering occurs with the short axle. This forklift truck design was developed for efficient use both when operated manually and in warehouse logistics.

You’ll find used three-wheel counterbalanced forklifts at Supralift from manufacturers like Jungheinrich, Linde, Toyota, STILL, Atlet, Clark and others.

Jungheinrich EFG